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About The Legionnaires

12376779_982071155210170_1719485393845043405_nKiller is a magical shape-shifting unicorn with a love for all things science fiction. She also has an amazing sense of humour. Killer is a writer, artist, murderer, and gamer. Her favourite band is Green Day and her least favourite colour of skittles is purple. She also uses British spelling despite being 100% American.

Follow her on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ridereclipse/


rachaelThis is Rachael. She is actually a princess and is known as “Rapunzel” by five children. Her talents include sewing her own Renaissance costumes and falling almost every day without hurting herself. Rachael studies English Education at Grace college and hopes to impart her love of literature to her future students.

You can follow her on Pinterest at: https://www.pinterest.com/givingmyall/

adriAdrianna, (or Adri for short) also goes by Hatter. She is a self proclaimed music-guru, and professional procrastinator with a soft spot for the bizarre. She’s a fan of Alice in Wonderland, all things Sherlock Holmes, Adventure Time, and Tim Burton. She’d list bands and music artists but that would take an entire page.

You can follow her on her virtually non-existent Twitter: https://twitter.com/missyhatter
Or check out another blog she posts for: https://thefandomstudio.wordpress.com/

jackJack (also known as HatGuy) is a die-hard Nintendo fan, but he also loves Overwatch and many other games. His other interests include drawing, space cowboys, dad jokes, putting button pins in his hat, 80’s music, walks on the beach, and short lists.

If your curiosity betters you, you can find Jack on nearly every social media under the sun.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JackTheHatGuy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackthehatguy/?hl=en

DeviantArt: http://jackthehatguy.deviantart.com/