How to Write a First Post

how-to-write-a-first-postSo first thing you should always do in a first blog post is introduce yourself. Something simple like,  “Hullo humanoids, I’m Killer,” is an excellent way to do it. You follow that up by stating some facts about yourself. Things like “I’m a teenage writer” or “I like the orange sour patch kids” work well for this.

Once you finish with a simple introduction you go on to tell more of what the blog is about. Try to make it sound interesting though. “This blog is about nerd stuff” just sounds dull. Yes it says what the blog is about but it doesn’t sound exciting. Try something like, “This blog shall open your mind to the galaxy far far away or show that one can simply walk to Mordor.” It sounds much more exciting and catches the eye. If you have other topics whether they’re writing or whatever topic you might choose remember to mention those too. In this section of the post you should also say what your planned schedule will be, like whether or not you will be posting every Monday or whatever day or days you decide. That way the reader knows what days to look forward to reading your blog.

If you are blogging with other people make sure to mention them too. Something like “Jack, Adri, Kylie, Tree, and Rachael will also be posting here.” should work for this. You could go into more detail if you wish. It’s your decision, you are the blogger anyway.

Now once you finish giving the reader all the information they need you have to end  your post. I suggest coming up with some clever farewell or just use something boring like “peace out” or whatever. It’s your blog. You make the decisions.

And that is how you write a first post. So farewell humanoids and have a fantastic day.